Directed by Randy Smith, Vincent Valentino and others
Cast: Troy Arsenian, Sue Beattie, Rhapsody Blue
Production Company: Randy Smith and Vincent Valentino
Runtime: 93 minutes

The seven deadly sins are a group of well-known vices that are considered to be corruptions of our natural desires. Monster Pool: Seven Deadly Sins (2017) is an anthology film that features stories for all of these cardinal evils…

The movie begins with a framing sequence featuring an older gentleman and a young girl talking about the nature of sin. From there, we are magically transported to a tale that teaches us something about each of the vices in question…


Greed effectively uses split screen to move the action along in a brisk way. There were moments that reminded me of Brian de Palma’s use of that same technique in Carrie (1976) and Phantom of the Paradise (1974). Candice Lidstone from Homicycle (2014) is excellent as Kate.

Gluttony considers the horror that comes from the most twisted craving of all. I really enjoyed this one, and felt it ended a little too soon. It would be great to see a follow up to this segment. I guess it was for the best that I was left hungry for more!

Sloth shows us that evil thrives when good people do nothing. This segment nicely plays on our fear of clowns and takes a few insightful jabs at independent filmmaking. This story is told in a self-referential way, speaking to the conventions within its own genre.


Lust tells the story of a very unique sexual predator. This one is set in the very modern world of online dating. It was great to see Jake William Smith in such an interesting role. Rhapsody Blue, Kaleena Jay, and Randi Rouge may prove to be sources of lust for the viewer!

Pride is a tricky thing, especially when it manifests in someone who is already evil. The connection to the assigned vice is more subtle in this one, and I was left with a few unanswered questions. The killer in this segment looks fantastic and has a very original mask.

Envy rears its ugly head in a segment about depression brought on by a miscarriage and alien invaders. Victoria Luloff gives us an emotional performance as the tormented lead. This one is also a frightening example of gruesome body horror.


Wrath is about the hate and anger that can fester after a stunning loss. This is an emotionally charged tale that is very dramatic, and grounded in real world horror. There’s also some great cinematography in this segment that makes it visually interesting to watch.

The theme of the seven deadly sins really helps to make the stories in this anthology feel connected, unlike some other films of this kind. This film is a worthy sequel to Monster Pool: Chapter Two (2016). I’ll be looking forward to the next time these creators take a dip…

– John Migliore

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