Director: Federica Di Giacomo
Writers: Andrea Zvetkov Sanguigni, Federica Di Giacomo
Production Company: Mir Cinematografica
Runtime: 94 minutes

If you’re a horror fan, you’ve probably seen a lot of movies about possession and evil spirits. But have you ever wondered what goes on at an actual exorcism? Deliver Us (2016) is a documentary about the ancient rite and how it relates to the modern world.

In the documentary, director Federica Di Giacomo explores the idea that exorcism still has an active role in contemporary life. The main focus is on Father Cataldo, one of the most desired exorcists in Sicily, but even he can only serve so many people.


The documentary will have you firmly in its hold with the first haunting scene. No matter the nature of your own personal beliefs, the pain and suffering you will see here is real. The people seeking help are genuinely troubled, but are they possessed or mentally ill?

The film doesn’t pass judgement on the people who claim to be possessed. Instead, it simply displays what they believe is the source of their troubles, and their desire for freedom. Some even express that they tried more conventional means to deal with their problems, but without success.

One priest does suggest that some of the people may be deluding themselves. That they may actually enjoy the attention that they receive because of their negative behaviours. Giacomo does not try to supply us with any answers. We have to come to our own conclusions.


Your outlook on exorcism will be challenged by this film, especially if your views on it have only been shaped by what you see in movies. There’s even a scene where Father Cataldo performs an exorcism over the phone! Not something I was expecting…

The documentary is also known as Libera Nos, and was originally titled Liberami. The film won for Best Director/Film at the Italian Documentary Academy Awards and for Best Film at the Venice Film Festival. The film is in Italian with English subtitles.

There is no narrator, no voice from on high to tell you what to believe. That’s probably one of the things I liked most about this documentary. Like many of the lost souls seen throughout the film, you will not get the guidance you seek. You’re on your own…

Deliver Us will receive a national release on October 13th, from Uncorkā€™d Entertainment.

– John Migliore

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