Director: Mark Mackner
Cast: Susanna D’Arcy, Annamarie Ruggiero, Christine Fisler
Production Company: Monstros Madre
Runtime: 75 minutes

In 2008, Mark Mackner produced a ten minute short entitled, Daisy Derkins, Dogsitter of the Damned! for the Project Twenty1 Film Festival. He followed that up with a deluxe version, which can be found on YouTube. The feature film version was released in 2013…

In the movie, Daisy Derkins (Susanna D’Arcy) is a college girl in need of a job. She takes a gig as a dogsitter for the mysterious Silas Killington, even though she’s never seen his dog. Her first night on the job soon becomes a nightmare, due to a serial killer and weird supernatural events.


Almost every character introduced in the movie is portrayed as a freak, a wacko, or an oddball. This leads to quite a few amusing situations. I enjoyed moments like Silas Kill-ivision, the pillow fight, and the spooky laughter that reminded me of Uncle Giggles from The Flintstones.

The movie is presented in black and white, but was originally filmed in colour. A continuity problem forced Mackner to make a tough choice. Luckily, the film works very well in black and white, which helps to create the atmosphere of an old-time monster movie.

A number of mainstream horror movies are referenced throughout this film. The characters make snappy remarks about Freddy vs. Jason (2003), Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991), The Monster Squad (1987) and even The Wizard of Oz (1939).


I really enjoyed all the original music in the movie, especially the song, Daisy Kicks Ass by Cedric Crouch. It’s very catchy, and successfully captures the comedic tone of the movie. Crouch also wrote the title song for Zombie eXs (2012), another horror film shot in Philadelphia.

The trailer suggests that the movie features drugs, decadence, depravity, and death. Finally, some truth in advertising! Daisy Derkins: Dogsitter of the Damned is a fun send-up of the horror genre that fans of the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) might appreciate.

– John Migliore

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