Director: Mike Trebilcock
Cast: Ellis McKay-Bodalski, Lenin McKay-Bodalski, Emma Foye
Production Company: Spit Take Films
Runtime: 10 minutes

Who would’ve thought a short film could teleport you back to the 1980s? Here we have a ten minute movie which gives a nod to Ghostbusters (1984), and others of that ilk from the 1980s. Even the throwback song, Werewolf Camp Theme, reminds me of the fun we had with comedies from that era.

Werewolf Camp (2017), is set in a universe where a group of ├╝ber talented kids and their imaginations run wild. The movie starts innocently enough with a game many of us have played, “Red Rover”. Another game, “Werewolves and Rabbits” begins the descent into the world of fantasy.


The scary stuff, which includes discussions of werewolf sightings on Clear Lake, doesn’t allow for any sweet dreams. Joey, a novice camper with a bit of homesickness, is the most frightened and panics when he hears what’s happened to another camper, Jenny.

You’d have to be a curmudgeon to not like this movie. Trebilcock has spun a ten minute time slot into an entertaining tale played out by a talented group of 6-12 year olds. Set in the wilds of Dundas, Ontario, the movie has all of the elements needed to entertain any age group: suspense, humour and a satisfying conclusion.

It appears that the cast and crew had a fun, and probably informative, experience during the making of this short film. The movie is loaded with humour, with both scripted and some hilarious unscripted moments.


The soundtrack perfectly compliments the antics of the campers and the Werewolf Camp Theme song, with lyrics by the campers and music by director Trebilcock, is a welcome “brain worm”, if there is such a thing?

Due to its popularity, there must be a consensus that this introduction to Werewolf Camp is well worth watching. It will entertain and explore the stuff of dreams as Joey wonders, “are dreams real, or is reality a nightmare”? Watch it for ten minutes, laugh, and make up your own mind.

– Mik Kroeger

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