Director: Robert Tarantino
Cast: Robert Tarantino, Seth Raven, Christopher Charles Brown
Production Company: Wild Rebel Productions
Runtime: 77 minutes

In Paranormal Shades (2016), Jim Sutton, a washed up horror film actor played by the film’s writer and director, Robert Tarantino, deals with his niece’s killer in the basement of his house. Afterwards, he comes to realize that a paranormal entity is present in his home.

His best friend, reporter Link Taylor, played by Seth Raven, comes over to make a documentary of Jim’s career. Jim learns that an actress who starred in one of his movies has been tragically killed in a car crash. He enlists Link to help him identify the apparition, who he thinks might be connected to the two recent deaths.


The first thing that Jim and Link do is set up surveillance throughout the house, in order to catch the entity in the act. Many strange and erotic things begin to happen, and it soon becomes clear that the paranormal entity has both kinky and violent tendencies.

A steady stream of interesting characters enter the house, as they are called upon for their expertise in helping the hapless duo to solve the mystery. The entity visits havoc upon anyone that dares to come into the home.

The audience is kept entertained by the variety of different characters who appear one by one to help the desperate Jim, including the clumsy investigator who reminded me a bit of television’s Columbo, and the energetic dominatrix Mistress Larissa, played by Biggie Waite.


The transition shots between scenes feature gorgeous scenic landmark footage, which really added another dimension to the film.

The house that is used as the set is also worthy of mention. The viewer gets the sense that the house is vast and even a bit majestic, with many interesting rooms, not the least of which is the spacious, brick basement where a lot of the action in the film takes place.

Jim and Link resort to scouring the footage of Jim’s past films for clues and this pursuit adds a film-within-a-film dimension to Paranormal Shades.


This was a fun comedic horror film to watch. The characters and their idiosyncrasies were very entertaining. Paranormal Shades has its fair share of blood, and fart gags, as well as bondage and sadomasochism. Some zombies and a beat boy even show up. The outtakes at the end of the film were most enjoyable too.

– Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith

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