Director: John Johnson
Cast: Brian Krause, Mister Lobo, Matthew Ewald
Production Company: Darkstone Entertainment
Runtime: 103 minutes

Plan 9 (2015) is not your average remake. It takes the original 1959 plan into uncharted territory while keeping the characters and (actually) important message intact. It claims to be “the film Ed Wood wished he had made”, and I believe it! I think he would have been especially impressed with the updated “scientific explanation”. Sure, I’ll buy that!

It combines a bit of behind-the-scenes strangeness a la Tim Burton’s Ed Wood (1994), and even a few nods toward Night of the Living Dead (1968), and other films – either accidentally or cleverly, making it a treat for genre fans who like to spot the references.


There are some genuinely sweet moments here, and John Johnson’s script shows that he knows what terrifies us the most is not always the monsters and mayhem, but there is fear in the reality that we all experience, and the choices we have to make… an aspect that brings to mind the best of Stephen King. Think for instance of Zelda’s lot in life, and Gage’s fate in Pet Sematary (1989).

The characters are nicely developed, and likeable. In fact, I liked all of them! Too many times I get bogged down in films with unlikable characters, leaving no one to root for.

There is also a wry sense of humour present here, and great comedic timing – especially between Johnson himself as Patrolman Kelton, and Sarah Eshleman as Lucy Grimm.


There were excellent soundtrack choices made that juxtapose “period” Doo-wop with horrific acts, pitting the naive innocence of the 50s against some gruesome moments for the gang. The score also had nice moments bringing an unwelcome electronic future bleeping and blooping into their world (also reminding me of some great Italian zombie action).

The makeup effects by Bio Duck FX deserve a special mention for their excellence.

In all, I really liked Plan 9 and highly recommend it!

– Fang

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