Vulpes (2017) is a short film that will be shot this October by Benjamin Helmeczi, an independent filmmaker from Hungary. Helmeczi was nice enough to share some information about the film with us here at Indie Horror Online…

Q: Tell us a little about Vulpes, and what it is all about…

A: Vulpes is a man who uses live stream to punish and kill the people who torture animals. A man who has enough of animal tortures and wants to draw people’s attention to the fact that animal torture will not remain unpunished. He will be the one who does all that the laws of the world do not dare. Eyes for eyes, life for life. This is his law. It goes back to medieval methods, for public executions, with the help of today’s technology. For example, live stream. This movie would be a novelty. Vulpes is not just a person on the screen, he’s a symbol.


Q: Why did you choose this subject matter for your film?

A: Animal abuse has always been and continues to be a very real problem in our world. Sadly, there is no explicit legal punishment to fight people who commit these horrible acts. Many people like myself think someone who tortures animals deserves similar treatment. So I started thinking, “What if somebody came along and took the law into their own hands in order to give these people what they deserve”. That’s how Vulpes was born. I want the character to be a symbol — a symbol of the fight against animal abuse. I want to make a great film that gives the people something new and different. I want to do something for the animal lovers, as well as the film fans.

Q: What is your background in film making?

A: This will be my second short film. The first one was completed as part of a school project and was an adaptation of O. Henry’s novel “The Last Leaf”, which won “Best Short Film” at festival in Hungary. After, I was the first assistant director of an award winning short called, “Here and Now” and this Spring I worked on a drama war short, “Long Way Home” as statist coordinator. This short was directed by Sándor Gál who is my first assistant director in the Vulpes project.


Q: Tell us about the Indiegogo campaign…

A: Firstly, we shot a teaser for the short to give people an idea of what they could expect from the universe of Vulpes. I knew it would be easier to get people on board if I could give them something visual. When we finished the teaser, I tried to negotiate with animal protection companies, Hungarian trade companies, and Hungarian competitions. However, I was repeatedly rejected. In Hungary, this kind of film is against the law and considered propaganda – that was what they said. So I decided to shoot the film in English and to try Indiegogo. But it’s very difficult because nobody knows me as a director, so this time I would make my story in a short film. In this, I want to introduce my character and what’s the story’s message, and of course, do the brutal scenes as realistic as we can. This is a low cost short film. After, I want to make the Vulpes feature film. That’s my dream.


Q: Where will we be able to see the film?

A: After we’re finished I want to send it to festivals around the world and I want that people and film fans and horror fans and animal lovers know my character. And there will be four audience meeting projections in Hungary, but during the festivals I cannot share it on any websites or on YouTube, maybe one year later anybody could watch it.

Q: What horror films have influenced you?

A: I was honestly watching very little horror movies before I started dealing with this topic, maybe just the Scream movies what I saw. When the Vulpes teaser was finished, it was someone who said it was like Saw. The Saw films were the first horror classics that I watched, just because of the feedback. So, I can honestly say that there was not any horror film that influenced me.

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