Director: David Mankey
Cast: Ashleigh Mankey, Kalena McDaniels, Joshua Mankey
Production Company: Dark Shade Films
Runtime: 88 minutes

Slasher fans are always on the lookout for new blood. Sure, there are plenty of films to chose from already in this genre, but there’s always room for more! Dark Shade Creek (2012) gives the viewer what they want, and a few unexpected surprises too.

In the movie, a group of young people go to a remote cabin in the woods for a party weekend. They soon hear the tale of Cyrus (Ryan Shaffer), a logger who became a madman after being tricked into taking a deadly dose of LSD. To their surprise, the legend spirals into a brutal reality.


The film’s overall plot is very similar to other movies that revolve around a slasher in the woods. If you’re a fan of Friday the 13th (1980), Don’t Go in the Woods (1981), or Just Before Dawn (1981), then you’ll probably enjoy this movie too.

Dark Shade Creek follows many of the established tropes you would expect to see in this kind of film. We’ve got a group of kids that don’t listen to warnings of any kind, a creepy local legend about a maniacal killer, and some clever kills to keep your interest along the way.

One of the highlights of the film is a campfire story about a clown statue. Even the legendary story of Cyrus comes across as a creepypasta tale. These type of mythical stories make a good match for the slasher genre, and were handled well in this film.


The soundtrack mostly consists of popular music from the 1920s. This makes Dark Shade Creek seem like a place lost in time. This music enhances our view of the nearby town and its odd residence. More modern music is heard for the young people, further setting them apart from their surroundings.

Dark Shade Creek is the first in a series of films. The movie is followed by Dark Shade Creek 2 (2014), and Dark Shade Creek 3: Trail to Hell (2017). A good horror franchise needs a sturdy base to build upon. Dark Shade Creek provides the necessary stability.

– John Migliore

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