Director: Scott Patrick
Cast: Candice Lidstone, Jessica Huether, Catherine Mary Clark
Production Company: Brett Kelly Entertainment
Runtime: 71 minutes

Raiders of the Lost Shark (2015) is an entertaining indie film with broad, funny performances. It takes an extra-cartoony slant on the already-cartoony mutant shark genre.

The movie is written by Brett Kelly, who is the writer and director of Countrycide (2017) and the director of Ghastlies (2016). It is also written by David A. Lloyd of Homicycle (2014), and Trevor Payer of My Fair Zombie (2013).


We know what we’re in for from the opening scene when two couples learn the dangers of public coupling, and of the especially inappropriate use of work hours. The shark’s impressive skillset is revealed slowly throughout the film. We join the protagonists as they unravel the mystery of the disappearing beach-goers.

As an incompetent sheriff (Lawrence Evenchick) and his deputy (John Migliore) spin their wheels on the case, a group of friends head to a mysterious island (or peninsula) aided by a hilariously unbalanced boat captain (Scott McClelland). There, we once again learn the cost of science’s meddling with mother nature.

I liked this movie with its Redneck Zombies (1989) feel, and seat-of-your-pants production value. It’s directed and edited smoothly, letting you appreciate the humour and ridiculousness, unhindered by the awkward technical glitches that sometimes plague indies.


Honestly, entertainment is the name of the game, and this one succeeds on that level. A beer or two wouldn’t hurt your viewing experience either!

The score by Kevin Macleod plays through the comedy with a straight face, shifting between suspense and classic-type movie music with a memorable horn theme. The rock elements by Fatal Mistake are also fun and well done.

One of the latest in the growing number of Brett Kelly related titles, Raiders of the Lost Shark would be a welcome addition to any Troma or shark movie night. Did I mention the beer? Yes I did.

– Fang

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