Director: Lou Vockell
Cast: Leslie Culton, Jenny Wallace, Tiffany Jones
Production Company: Creative Productions
Runtime: 85 minutes

There is a category of film beyond those known by the average man. Nonetheless, it is a category as vast as desire and as timeless as fear. It is the middle ground between sex and terror, between the pit of pornography and the summit of horror. That’s the video store up ahead. Your next stop, Hookers in a Haunted House (1999).

Lou Vockell directed this film, and is known for other hybrid movies like Planet of the Erotic Ape (2002), The Blonde Wench Project (2000) and The Stalking Hand (2005). He even makes reference to his first film, Killer Sex Queens from Cyberspace (1998) in this movie.


In Hookers in a Haunted House, three prostitutes spend the night in a spooky mansion. They are accompanied by three odd, and mostly horny dudes. They accidentally awaken the murderous ghost of a psychopathic grocery clerk while using a Ouija board. And so, Bag-Job must seek his inevitable revenge!

The movie is chock-full of cheese ball dialogue, goofy sound effects, campy green screen effects, and tons of nudity. It even uses stock footage from The Giant Gila Monster (1959). This film is a lot more about dancing and boobs than it is about horror. In that way, it may remind you of Ed Wood’s Orgy of the Dead (1965).

The overall vibe of the movie is similar to that of a Troma film. Vockell’s directing also seems to be influenced by the plethora of Playboy Video Centerfolds that were released around the same time. The nakedness is extensive, and often presented in slow motion.


The nude scenes go on for so long that your mind will start to wonder. Why did that guy get under the covers with his shoes on? Why does that other guy have his watch on in the shower? Why did that woman submerge her breast into a bowl of milk? Just let the art flow over you…

You’ll probably want to watch this movie with friends and a case of beer. The alternative is to watch it alone with your pants off, so let’s stick to the first idea. You could make a drinking game out of it. For example, you could take a gulp every time someone looks directly at the camera, or mentions “the vile, hideous, ill-tempered and excessively butch bag boy”. Just remember to drink responsibly!

This can be a fun movie if you go in with the right expectations. Even the “audience” within the movie boos at one of the worst jokes. Hookers in a Haunted House is a cheesy romp of a film, and was designed to be exactly that. Don’t think to hard about this one, and keep your pants on…

– John Migliore

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