Director: Brett Kelly
Cast: Robin Hodge, Joel Elliot, Andrew Galligan
Production Company: Gray Chance Films
Runtime: 69 minutes

Countrycide (2017) is the 31st film from prolific indie movie director, Brett Kelly. This is the first film from his new production company, Gray Chance Films. Kelly is probably best known for The Bonesetter (2003), My Fair Zombie (2013) and Jesse James: Lawman (2015).

In the movie, a couple on a cross-country trip decide to make camp for the night. When Abby (Robin Hodge) wakes up in the morning, she discovers that her boyfriend (Joel Elliott) is missing. While looking for him, Abby accidentally steps in a bear trap, which is only the beginning of her troubles.


Kelly expertly places beautiful shots of nature in juxtaposition to moments of pain and suffering. The first half of the movie focuses on Abby’s need to survive on her own in the wilderness. The second part deals with survival of an entirely different kind.

A group of hunters discover Abby in the woods, and decide to make her their prey. Some famous cinematic examples of humans being hunted include: The Most Dangerous Game (1932), Bloodlust (1961), and The Woman Hunt (1972). Countrycide easily holds its own within this ever-expanding sub-genre of horror.

Actress Robin Hodge has to carry the film for a long time on her own, since she is the only one on the screen. She does a wonderful job in the role of Abby. Hodge successfully conveys her plight while maintaining a likeable and sympathetic character.


It was also nice to see a few actors who often show up in Kelly’s films. Acting regulars include Peter Whittaker from Homicycle (2014), Joel Elliot from Ghastlies (2016), Trevor Payer from Raiders of the Lost Shark (2015), with Lee Cyr and Andrew Galligan from Jesse James: Lawman (2015).

The musical score by Andrew Huggett nicely captures the intensity of the film’s events, especially during chase and fight scenes. Huggett also produced three original songs for the movie, sung by Emma Huggett and himself.

It was great to once again experience a straight-out horror film from Brett Kelly. He’s done comedies, parodies, science fiction, and even superhero films in the past. Like his earliest films, Countrycide sets out to chill you to the bone.

– John Migliore

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