Directed by Randy Smith, Vincent Valentino and others
Cast: Victoria Luloff, Rilla O’Brien, Samantha Renaud
Production Company: Monster Pool
Runtime: 97 minutes

Monster Pool: Chapter Two (2016) is an anthology film with ten horrific segments for your viewing pleasure. It was produced by Vincent Valentino and Randy Smith. They also had a number of other roles in the film including writing, directing and editing.

Monster Pool: Chapter One (2015) was more of a community event than an actual feature film. A collection of shorts were screened at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa, Ontario to a large audience. These shorts are now available on YouTube (see link below). Monster Pool: Chapter Two was planned from the start to be a feature film, and filmmakers had to take part in an application process before being accepted.


In the wrap-around story entitled Blood in the Water, two men enjoy some pool time with a pair of sinister ladies, and they decide to share stories with each other. It was great to see Pavel Lubanski in this segment. We’ve seen him before in Homicycle (2014), Raiders of the Lost Shark (2015) and Bloody Bachelor Bash (2016) just to name a few.

In Sorry, a man invades a home and attacks a woman with unexpected results. This is a non-linear tale that keeps the viewer guessing as to what is really going on. Sound plays a big part in this one, and adds to the overall confusion.

Alex shares a horrific event from his life with a psychologist in Red Man. While probing his patient for more information, Dr. Gill gets an unsolicited lesson about the reality of demonic possession. There’s some interesting demon makeup in this segment and a few spooky surprises as well.


In Time’s Up, Heather has reason to believe that there is an intruder in her home. She sees him in and around her house, but cannot convince her best friend that he is there. This segment has a engaging suprise ending that I won’t spoil here. It’s worth seeing for yourself.

A man is abducted by a group of unusual women, and wakes up in chains in The Prisoner. He attempts to escape, but the women prove to be more than meets the eye. This segment effectively reverses the roles of men and women from what we usually see in a horror film.

In Trigger, a patient switches minds with a woman after an experiment goes wrong. This segment delves into the untapped powers of the mind and what happens to those that have them. This science fiction tale added variety to the mix and stars Ray Besharah from Thunderstorm: The Return of Thor (2011).


A boy awakens an evil being while trying to deal with domestic abuse in Time of Need. The boy grows up, and fears that the creature is still with him. This is another great concept that could work as a full feature. This segment features Julianne Carioto from Attack of the Gorilla! (2013).

In A Nightmare Reverie, a private investigator looks into the disappearance of a young woman. She soon learns that other people have also gone missing, and that something supernatural is in the works. A number of intriguing visual effects help move the story along.

A serial killer continues his murdering ways during a zombie apocalypse in I Make Corpses. The concept behind this segment was particularly original and fresh. We’ve seen zombies and serial killers before, but never together like here. It was nice to see Julie Mainville from Ghastlies (2016) and Penelope Goranson from My Fair Zombie (2013) in this one.


In One More Drink, a female serial killer snatches a new victim (played by Stephanie Moran, also from Ghastlies), but things don’t go according to plan. The victim is drugged and delusional, leading to some creepy moments. There’s some effective special effects makeup by Zach Council and April Campbell here too.

Overall, Monster Pool: Chapter Two is an entertaining horror anthology. The filmmakers rely a little too much on serial killers and home invasions, but at least these concepts are carried out in different ways between segments. All of the segments move along very well, and the film has a good pace to it. Feel free to jump into the Monster Pool, but be aware that you’ll be in over your head in no time.

– John Migliore

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